March 10, 2020

Fluid Life to Launch New Vibration Data Analysis System in Q3 2020

Fluid Life’s Vibration Data Analysis System will seamlessly integrate vibration data into a single unified condition monitoring platform.

Edmonton, AB – March 10, 2020 – Fluid Life, a leading provider of equipment reliability solutions and lubrication analysis, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of its new Vibration Data Analysis System in Q3 2020. With this new tool integrated into Fluid Life’s myLab web application, fault identification on any given asset will be able to be carried out using a single interface with a cohesive multi-prong approach (oil, vibration, telemetry, and other process parameter analysis) for improved reliability and excellent ROI.

As an integral part of Fluid Life’s Unified Condition Monitoring system, the incorporation of vibration data analysis will eliminate the issue of scattered data across various platforms or vendors and will significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of reliability program decision-making.  “By adding vibration analysis to our UCM suite of condition monitoring tools Fluid Life brings all the core condition monitoring technologies into one trended and correlated view,” stated Jeff Keen, Fluid Life Vice President, Reliability Services.

With most other remote vibration monitoring applications, handling large amounts of spectra data can quickly become a challenge. This new offering from Fluid Life has a unique approach towards big data in terms of measuring, collecting, storing, transferring, and analyzing machinery vibration data – including historical data. The methodology used is efficient and cost effective for clients and goes beyond traditional data analysis techniques as it will be able to effortlessly separate fault identification peaks in the FFT into simple trends. Over a short period of time, the system learns the normal levels for all peaks and automatically detects abnormal and off trend conditions.

The vibration data analysis tool is flexible and can be configured to utilize a customer’s existing sensors or other accelerometers which will be offered by Fluid Life. Also, Fluid Life oil analysis customers currently using myLab will not be required to install any additional software on their computers.  Access to the Vibration Data Analysis Tool can be easily granted in myLab to enable visualization and/or analysis of vibration data captured remotely from their machinery.

Spectral content can be easily analyzed within myLab, in combination with other telemetry data, rather than relying on overall trends alone. Plus, there will be no need to manually collect samples eliminating the safety risk to personnel coming close to machines in operation and the likelihood of bad samples or sampling from the wrong machinery. 

“This is a disruptive technological tool that can learn while converting machinery data into excellent decision making information,” said Jude Iyinbor, Fluid Life Machinery Vibration Specialist, Reliability Services.  “With Vibration, Oil, Telemetry and Process data all remotely collected and critically analyzed in an instance, it is time to say goodbye to unplanned machinery downtime.”

The goal, as with all of Fluid Life’s programs, is to radically improve the overall asset reliability for customers that face significant challenges converting condition-based monitoring efforts into sustainable money savings programs. From analysis and evaluation to planning and strategy, Fluid Life has the expertise to help customers achieve a higher level of reliability.

For more information on the upcoming launch of the Vibration Data Analysis System contact a Fluid Life representative at 877-962-2400.

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