September 30, 2020

myLab Mobile App: Version 3.4

by IT Support in Fluid Insights, myLab Updates

myLab Mobile App Version 3.3 was released today on Apple and Google Play app stores. A summary of the new features is listed below:

  1. New: Ability to Switch Profiles.
  2. New: Ability to turn off View Results (this makes synchronization faster). Also moved View Results to the More screen.
  3. Bug Fix: corrected an issue where scanning an equipment tag in View Results did not bring up any sample when it should have.

Switch Profiles

There is now a new menu icon in the top left of main screens. Clicking the menu button show you a list of your profiles.

myLab Mobile App Switching Profiles

Clicking on the Profile you want to load will force a resynchronization of equipment with the myLab server. Note, switching profiles only works when you are online.

The Sign Out button has also been moved here from the Settings screen for better visibility and accessibility.

Toggle On/Off View Results

There is now a new option in the Settings screen called ‘Allow ability to view results’. When this is on, the View Results screen will be available from the More screen. If this option is off, the View Results screen will not be available and the synchronization with the myLab server may be significantly faster.

This option is defaulted off to improve synchronization.

myLab update view results

Should you have any questions regarding the updates to the myLab mobile app, contact your Fluid Life representative or Customer Care for support.