May 6, 2020

Update: Viscosity Flagging Limits

by fluidlife in Fluid Insights, myLab Updates

We are always looking for ways to improve the ROI of your oil analysis program. A more effective program means increased equipment reliability and profitability. One of the ways to improve the effectiveness of oil analysis is through the ongoing review and implementation of appropriate and actionable flagging limits.

What’s New?

Fluid Life has updated some of our flag limits for viscosity to reflect ongoing changes in oil formulation and application. Based on your industry, equipment, oil type and grade we will automatically identify relevant flagging limits.

If you have already provided a customized set of flagging rules, these will remain unchanged.

Flagging Optimization

For a customized approach, Fluid Life’s reliability specialists can review your specific needs and develop an optimized flagging and commenting rule system to maximize your oil analysis program. Site specific flagging limits could be optimal for you if your site has unique operating conditions, assets, or has particular reliability goals.

Get the most out of your Oil Analysis program.  Contact Fluid Life for more information on Flagging Optimization.