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Mining & Construction

Mining & Construction

You have large fleets of equipment and cannot afford to be overwhelmed by mountains of data.  We have a package of tests and analytics that will alert you to the things that will create the most downtime and costs, allowing you time to effectively manage the work that must get done.

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Fluid Life can help you:

  • Detect failures at an early stage
  • Plan and schedule your mechanical repairs
  • Protect your warranty
  • Improve your fleet availability
  • Optimize the life of your equipment
  • Protect your Tier 4 engines
  • Prolong the life of your hydraulic systems
  • Optimize your oil drain intervals
  • Ensure quality and cleanliness of diesel fuel
  • Maintain cooling system efficiency
  • Increase your equipment resale value

Core Elements:

  • ISO 17025 laboratory quality system
  • Custom test packages for mining and construction
  • Flexible sample registration options
  • Expedient freight options
  • Efficient lab turnaround
  • Convenient and flexible reporting options
  • ‘Sample rank™’ results evaluation
  • ‘myLab™’ online data management toolkit
  • Reliability consulting services
  • Professional training seminars
  • Toll-free customer care support

Contact Fluid Life to purchase your test kits and associated sampling supplies.

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