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Time to empower your employees and enhance their skills? Want to transform your reliability program to new heights? Fluid Life’s training courses on reliability, lubrication and oil analysis will get you on the road to lubrication and reliability excellence.

Private training offers you an opportunity to customize the course material to meet your company’s objectives in a flexible schedule. Do you encourage or support your maintenance professionals in continuous improvement through education?  If so, take advantage of this cost-effective approach that is guaranteed to bridge the gap between constructive theory and useful field application.

Our goal is to bolster your employees’ knowledge in key areas

Fluid Life has an array of topics that we can customize to your liking in a private setting either at our Edmonton training facility or on-site at your location.

Lubrication Fundamentals
An in-depth look at core functions of lubricants, lubricating films, oil and grease properties, base oil groups, and additives. This section builds foundation knowledge necessary to understand the right application of the right lubricant at the right time.

Managing a Successful Program
Covers what it takes to implement and maintain a program, as well as how to evaluate its success. This section provides program managers with the basic concepts behind successful program, and multiple metrics for evaluation and improvement of their program.

Oil Sampling Techniques & Practices
Covers the various tools, locations and procedures that are required for taking representative samples. This section enables users to achieve the most accurate sampling location to suit their needs.

Oil Cleanliness & Contamination Control
An examination on the practices to prevent contamination of lubricants, as well as a discussion on filtration. This section enables users to understand the cradle-to-grave handling of lubricants and the necessary steps to keep it clean, as well appropriate filter selection for further conditioning.

Failure Modes
Provides a general understanding of various failure modes and the subsequent clues seen in the oil sample data.

Maintenance Philosophies
A review of the basic types of maintenance philosophy (reactive, preventive, predictive and proactive). This section contrasts the merits if each philosophy and how to strike an appropriate balance to match the correct philosophy for each component.

Data Interpretation Overview
An overview of common testing, alarm limits and interpretation guidelines. This section ensures core knowledge exists to understand and interpret oil analysis results.

Data Interpretation & Workshop
In-depth coverage of all the common testing, alarm limits and interpretation guidelines. This section provides a comprehensive review of the testing principles, limitations and interferences, with thorough discussions on proper identification of faults and the appropriate corrective actions.

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