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Coolant Analysis

Why test coolant

Rapidly changing engine technologies have placed much tougher demands on engine cooling systems. Today’s coolant formulations are more advanced than ever, but the fact remains that 50% of all premature engine failures are related to cooling system performance. Cooling systems are often neglected but unresolved issues within the coolant can rapidly lead to much bigger problems relating to engines, transmissions or hydraulics.

Routine coolant analysis verifies that the right coolant is in service, that correct chemical balances are being maintained and that the integrity of the cooling system has not been compromised by mechanical issues.

Why you need it

  • Ensure that the right coolant is being used in your system
  • Protect your engine from coolant chemistry imbalance
  • Monitor contamination and degradation of your coolant
  • Detect cooling system failure modes early
  • Monitor the serviceability of extended life coolants (ELC)
  • Optimize your cooling system maintenance practices
  • Improved cooling system practices prolongs your overall
    engine life

Why Choose Fluid Life

We’re a company that’s All Ways Reliable. As a leading provider of lubrication analysis and asset management solutions, Fluid Life uses its best-in-class software, training, tools and programs to help keep your equipment running at peak performance. From analysis and evaluation to planning and strategy, Fluid Life has the expertise to help you achieve a higher level of reliability.

Program Features

  • ISO 17025 laboratory quality system
  • Basic and advanced coolant test packages
  • Expedient laboratory turnaround
  • Convenient and flexible reporting options
  • Test results available on myLab
  • Professional training seminars
  • Customer Care toll-free support

Contact Fluid Life to purchase your test kits and associated sampling supplies.

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