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Diesel Fuel Analysis


Diesel fuel systems have become increasingly sophisticated in order to maximize fuel economy and meet emissions regulations. This new reality has placed more demands on the quality and cleanliness of diesel fuels being burned in today’s engines. Regular testing of your diesel fuel during delivery, storage or handling ensures compliance with engine manufacturer requirements while protecting you from costly fuel contamination or degradation issues.

Why you need it

  • Optimize fuel economy by assurance of consistent fuel quality
  • Verify diesel fuel characteristics during delivery or storage
  • Confirm that fuel meets cleanliness standards
  • Validate whether fuel is suitable for use
  • Track seasonal changes in fuel deliveries
  • Ensure fuel is suitable for cold weather applications
  • Troubleshoot engine performance issues

Why Choose Fluid Life

We’re a company that’s All Ways Reliable. As a leading provider of lubrication analysis and asset management solutions, Fluid Life uses its best-in-class software, training, tools and programs to help keep your equipment running at peak performance. From analysis and evaluation to planning and strategy, Fluid Life has the expertise to help you achieve a higher level of reliability.

Program Features

  • ISO 17025 laboratory quality system
  • Test options for monitoring ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD), fuel cleanliness, fuel quality
  • Sample containers approved for transport of diesel fuel
  • Expedient laboratory turnaround
  • Convenient and flexible reporting options
  • View test results on myLab
  • Professional training seminars
  • Customer Care toll-free support

Contact Fluid Life to purchase your test kits and associated sampling supplies.

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