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Filter Analysis

Why test filters

Filter debris analysis was first developed by the aviation industry many years ago. It has gained acceptance as a powerful diagnostic tool for many machinery components over the past decade or so. Unfortunately, traditional oil analysis techniques like spectrometry have detection limitations – normally effective of around 5 microns. These techniques are also restricted to only those particles that can pass through the filtration system. As a result, oil analysis alone is not enough to predict impending machinery failures. The only way to capture larger particles is to extract them from the filter since it is a ‘chronological data bank ‘ for machinery components. The filter traps the larger wear metals and contaminants (metallic and non-metallic) over a period of time, thereby retaining both present and past failure mode indicators.

Our analytical procedure includes a thorough microscopic examination to determine the amount, size distribution, type and morphology of the filter debris. When used along with wet chemical testing and X-Ray Fluorescence, exact determination of any type of metallurgy or contaminant can be attained. Filter debris analysis unlocks the wealth of information found inside your filters and offers a comprehensive assessment of machine wear.

Why you need it

  • Significantly reduce the probability of premature mechanical failures.
  • Add much-needed protection beyond normal external service inspections.
  • Gain insight into both current and past failure mode indictors.
  • Bridge the gap caused by the limitations of traditional oil analysis.
  • Gain a roadmap to remedial actions that need to be taken.

Why Choose Fluid Life

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Program Features

  • ISO 17025 laboratory quality system
  • Basic and advanced coolant test packages
  • Expedient laboratory turnaround
  • Convenient and flexible reporting options
  • Test results available on myLab
  • Professional training seminars
  • Customer Care toll-free support

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