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Running a profitable fleet presents tough challenges. New engine designs, EPA regulations and maintaining the competitive edge increases the need for top-level maintenance practices. Oil analysis gives you a window inside your equipment to identify and resolve mechanical issues at an early stage.

We can help you:

  • Detect failures at an early stage
  • Plan and schedule your mechanical repairs
  • Protect your warranty
  • Improve your fleet availability
  • Optimize the life of your equipment
  • Protect the investment of your Tier 4 engines
  • Prolong the life of your drivetrain components
  • Optimize your oil drain intervals
  • Ensure quality and cleanliness of diesel fuel
  • Maintain cooling system efficiency
  • Strengthen your equipment resale value

Fluid Life takes a consultative approach to help you define and document the scope of your oil analysis program. Talk to a Fluid Life representative today to get the answers you’re looking for.

Test Packages

TRANS1 – Failure Finding

Fluid Life’s TRANS1 package provides an overall assessment of the oil and the machine compartment that it was taken from. This test package identifies the most common lubricant failure modes, while satisfying equipment OEM warranty requirements. This testing verifies that the correct oil is in use, and that the oil is cool, dry, and free of excessive wear debris. Engine oils are also monitored for signs of degradation or contamination from harmful contaminants such as diesel fuel or glycol.

TRANS2 – Advanced Oil Condition (Diesel Engines)

Fluid Life’s TRANS2 package helps fleet owners assess and understand the condition of diesel engine oils better. Keeping the oil in a suitable condition is more important than ever on newer engines that run at higher temperatures using new emissions control technologies. The TRANS2 package provides more details about the extent of engine oil degradation, along with an overall assessment of contamination and wear. The TRANS2 test package also provides useful information on other components such as transmissions, hydraulics, or drivetrain gears.

TRANS3 – Lubricant and Component Life Extension

Fluid Life’s TRANS3 package provides you with all the necessary information to safely and confidently extend or optimize drain intervals for ALL components. This package is for customers who wish to proactively leverage oil sample test results towards a variety of maintenance initiatives such as optimizing maintenance intervals, improving contamination control, or reviewing oil selections.


When selecting a test package, please consider the following questions:

  1. What are your goals for the oil analysis program?
    – Early detection of failure conditions (predictive maintenance)
    – Monitoring contamination control efforts (proactive maintenance)
    – Measuring the extent of oil degradation (condition-based maintenance)
  2. Which approach is better suited for your operation:
    – Collecting samples frequently and trending basic information
    – Collecting samples less frequently, but reporting more in-depth information
  3. Can one test slate be used for monitoring all of your equipment, or do some assets warrant additional testing?
  4. If additional testing is warranted, how will this testing be requested (i.e. on a machine-based, time-based or condition-based schedule)?

Contact Fluid Life to purchase your test kits and associated sampling supplies.

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