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Preventative Maintenance Optimization

Preventative Maintenance Optimization or PMO is a process that challenges your maintenance activities against an asset or group of assets. By matching restoration tasks to specific failure modes for equipment, PM tasks are reconsidered based on how they have failed or are anticipated to fail. This predictive approach ensures maintenance departments aren’t spending resources doing maintenance too frequently, or not frequently enough.

The PMO process weighs the customer’s risk tolerance with recommendation from the OEM, the asset’s PM history, the asset’s failure history, and the performance required of the asset.  An optimized PM plan is delivered based on this analysis that ensures the right maintenance tasks are performed at the right interval to ensure availability of the asset while minimizing the maintenance effort to achieve the required level of performance.

This exercise is similar to a Reliability Centered Maintenance evaluation, but on a much simpler scale. A reliability engineer can facilitate PMO with the assistance of personnel responsible for maintaining the asset.

If your equipment is not running as desired or is failing unexpectedly, then the assumptions that created the PM schedule need to be revisited to prevent future failures. This process will help you achieve that.


  • Determine equipment candidates for PMO process
  • Gather all current and past PM plans to maintain equipment, including feedback and as found conditions if available
  • Observe PM task execution if possible
  • List all spare parts required for current PM tasks
  • Review the efficiency of current maintenance practices around the PM tasks
  • Review the efficacy of PM tasks against each failure mode for the studied equipment
  • Consider order of execution to allow for the greatest efficiency of execution of PM plan for an asset or group of assets
  • Provide recommendations for an optimized PM task grouping and order of execution


  • Optimized PM plan for maintaining studied equipment
  • Upload new plan into CMMS
  • Recommended maintenance procedure changes (spare parts, tooling, and work logistics)

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