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Fluid Life Saves Coal Mining Company More Than $1.5 Million in First Eight Months with CARE

Our client—a coal mining company—operates a fleet of heavy duty mobile units at an Alberta open pit mine. This equipment includes shovels, drills, loaders, scrapers, excavators, haul trucks, fork lifts and tractors.


Prior to engaging Fluid Life, our client embarked on an internal project to improve their equipment maintenance program. Although their internal project generated modest success, they continued to face challenges such as:

  • Data Overload – Although our client was receiving a large volume of data, they were unable to provide effective feedback to improve their equipment maintenance program.
  • Support for Taking Action – Although our client recognized critical results, they were unable to use the data to prioritize their maintenance actions.
  • Program Structure – Due to missing data, lack of visibility to underlying maintenance issues and corrective actions taken, actionable work could not be managed in a consistent and structured manner.

Fluid Life was brought in to provide a framework that would lower maintenance costs, advance our client’s oil analysis program, improve equipment reliability, and increase compliance to a uniform maintenance and reliability program.

“Fluid Life is organized, they have the expertise and they’re always ready to help. They earned our trust immediately.”


In the first eight months, Fluid Life’s Reliability Services team has worked closely with our client to provide structure and ongoing support to its reliability initiatives. Through the Fluid Life CARE program, we have implemented sustainable solutions to help our client take control of its oil analysis program including the following:

  • Audit existing oil analysis processes and data integrity review.
  • Daily, weekly and monthly communication to follow-up on alerting and highly critical results.
  • Implement a decision support and corrective actions management process (delivered through Fluid Life’s myLab™ web application) to help standardize data integrity, default testing, flagging rules, reporting options and financial tracking procedures.
  • Provide support while also educating our client about program metrics, performance measures and opportunities for improvement to increase our client’s program maturity.
  • Combining Fluid Life’s CARE program with our highly skilled Reliability Specialists allowed us to successfully help our client improve their oil analysis processes and receive an astounding return on investment.

“We appreciated how Fluid Life took charge of the tribology and maintained excellent communication. We had the confidence for Fluid Life to give us the feedback we required, and in a very timely manner.”


By implementing Fluid Life’s CARE program, our client has greatly improved many of the internal challenges that were diminishing the overall effectiveness of their oil analysis and maintenance program.

  • Reduced focus on non-critical issues: Fluid Life’s CARE program has reduced the volume of non-critical corrective actions that are identified, helping front line staff feel less overwhelmed and frustrated.
  • More effective communication: Frequent communication between our team and the client has helped to improve the focus of the service in order to ensure only the most critical oil analysis results—those that the client agrees require action—are brought to the client’s attention.
  • By carrying out our standardized site-wide uniform maintenance and reliability program, we have also enabled our client’s employees to effectively manage their actionable work in a consistent and structured manner.


In the first eight months, our client has confirmed savings of more than $1.5 million, for a return of greater than 10 times their investment.
Leverage Fluid Life’s expertise and experience to achieve your reliability and profitability goals. Contact a Fluid Life representative about the CARE program.

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