Success Stories

Mining and Construction Company Saves $15M

$15 Million Saved with CARE Reliability Services

Our client—a large construction and mining company responsible for operating mobile equipment in one of the harshest environments on the planet—competes in a highly competitive, cost-sensitive market. The company operates over 1,400 assets, including 240 dozers, 230 excavators and a large number of haul and articulating trucks, compactors, loaders and pipelayers throughout Western Canada.


Fluid Life was first approached by this client in 2010, at a time when they were losing hundreds of thousands of dollars in downtime, failed equipment and misallocated manpower. They were experiencing frequent downtime in order to address non-critical issues, as well as unplanned downtime due to premature failures where symptoms had not been addressed. They were also facing many internal challenges, including culture change and buy-in, as well as inconsistent maintenance practices and insufficient corrective actions between sites. Our client sought Fluid Life’s help to improve equipment reliability, reduce maintenance costs (parts and labor) and increase compliance to a uniform maintenance and reliability program.

Average Respose Time


Over the past three and a half years, Fluid Life’s Reliability Services team has worked closely with this client to support their ongoing improvements to reliability initiatives.

  • Through the Fluid Life CARE program, we have conducted the following:
  • Audit of existing oil analysis processes
  • Full review of data integrity, testing defaults, flagging rules, corrective action plans, reporting options, and financial tracking
  • Periodic meetings and program updates to discuss program metrics, past performance, and opportunities for improvement

By combining Fluid Life’s proprietary software with the talents of our highly skilled personnel—whose extensive experience includes industry, lab, and academic research—we were successful in finding a solution to our client’s problem.

Total Savings


By implementing Fluid Life’s CARE program, our client has experienced top-down support and increased communication between the client’s sites, their reliability department, the Fluid Life Reliability Services team, Equipment Vendors and OEMS, and lubricant suppliers—all of which are essential for a maintenance and reliability program to succeed. Working in close collaboration with our client, we have helped them to achieve the following:

  • More effective communication: Frequent communication between our team and the client has helped to improve the focus of the service in order to ensure only the most critical oil analysis results— those that the client agrees require action—are brought to the client’s attention.
  • Higher levels of employee engagement: Employees are now better engaged with reliability initiatives, helping to drastically reduce the frequency of near failure events.
  • Reduced focus on non-critical issues: This process has also reduced the volume of corrective actions that are identified, helping front-line staff feel less overwhelmed and frustrated.

Over the life of the program, Fluid Life conservatively estimates that our client has saved approximately $15 million.


  • Client: Mining
  • Service: CARE Service