October 11, 2019

New Sample Jars and Mobile Registration

Starting November 4, 2019, you will notice a change to your sample jars and sample kit boxes.

myLab App and Bottle

Sample Jars

Each inner sample bottle will come with a unique QR code label on the bottle. Additionally, the black outer jar will have a new label that provides links to instructions on sample taking and methods of sample registration.

Sample Cards

For our valued customers currently using sample cards, the cards will still be available, but will no longer be included inside the black jars. Instead, they will be included separately with your order (e.g. if you order five sample kits, the cards will be shipped within the larger box). If you are using this sample registration method, be sure to use ink, print clearly, and avoid smudging, so it can be processed correctly in the lab.

This change is being implemented as fewer customers are using sample cards and for a new mobile sample registration option. If you are currently using sample cards or online registration, this change will not impact on your current process.


With the new sample jars, also comes an exciting new way to streamline your sample registration using the unique QR codes on sample bottles and the myLab mobile app. The benefits of registering samples with the myLab mobile app include:

  • Simple and streamlined sample set up in seconds – online and off-line
  • Elimination of the need to complete sample cards by hand
  • Improved data integrity by reducing errors and missed sample information
  • Improved turnaround time on sample processing

Here’s how it works:

Once you’re ready to register a sample, log into the myLab mobile app on your smartphone. And then it’s four easy steps:

  1. Use the smartphone camera to scan optional equipment QR code tag, or use the instant unit search
  2. Select the components being sampled
  3. Scan in the unique QR code on the bottle to link the component to the sample bottle
  4. Enter the meter reading and you’re done!

No need to record or attach anything to the jar – simply send in the sample and when received in our lab we scan in the label to pull up all of the data.

No cell coverage or Wi-Fi? No problem! You can still register samples out in the field using myLab app’s off-line mode and communicate when you are connected once again.

Want to switch?

Interested in switching to the mobile “scan-and-go” sample registration? Download the myLab mobile app and advise your Account Manager that you’d like to make the change.

If you have any questions regarding the new sample jars or the various methods for sample registration, contact your Fluid Life representative.