We understand your business

By listening and getting to know your business, we understand your concerns: reliable production, lowering maintenance costs, safe operation and minimizing environmental impacts. Establishing a successful routine oil analysis program is an essential part of your reliability strategy.

It starts with selecting a test package appropriate to your equipment and operating environment. We’ve combined customer feedback, our 30+ years of experience, a database of nearly 10 million samples, plus powerful analytical tools to create customized test packages for industry segments that focus on your biggest challenges.


  1. What are your goals for your oil analysis program?
    – Early detection of failure conditions (predictive maintenance)
    – Monitoring contamination control efforts (proactive maintenance)
    – Measuring the extent of oil degradation (condition-based maintenance)
  2. Which approach is better suited for your operation:
    – Collecting samples frequently and trending basic information
    – Collecting samples less frequently, but reporting more in-depth information
  3. Can one test slate be used for monitoring all of your equipment, or do some assets warrant additional testing?
  4. If additional testing is warranted, how will this testing be requested (i.e. on a machine-based, time-based or condition-based schedule)?

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