Get accurate samples every time

Your oil test samples are only as good as the tools you use. The right oil sampling hardware ensures you’ll get an accurate oil sample that represents the true condition of your equipment.

When taking oil samples, you want to ensure you are taking the samples safely and accurately.
Selecting the right sample fittings for your unique situation can help.

From a safety perspective, utilizing a sample valve can keep your personnel and equipment safe in several ways:

  • Sample valves allow oil to be directed safely and cleanly to the sample bottle, avoiding burns if trying to reach for a drain port.
  • You can also install remote access options so you can ensure sampling is done away from any equipment hazards.
  • Contamination is reduced significantly as sample valves allow you to take a sample from a closed system.
  • You can avoid downtime by sampling while equipment is running.

Accuracy is also key for a successful oil analysis program. If using drain valve or drop tube sampling, you may not be getting reliable results. For example, if taking samples from the oil drain, you may see elevated wear metals, contamination, or water in your oil sample results due to settling. Plus, because these methods require sampling to occur when the machine is shut down, you may not get an “in-operation” representative sample.

Sample valves let you take samples safely from the active zone while equipment is running, giving you reliable samples without needing to shut down your equipment or introducing contamination.

Available Sampling Hardware

Fluid Life offers a complete range of tools and collection devices that make sample taking easy and effective

Engines, transmissions, compressors and hydraulics

  • Sample valves should be installed downstream of components to be monitored, but before the filter
  • Valves for pressurized applications include: Pushbutton (KP), B-Series and KST-Series (with probe)

B-Series Sample Valve

Euro-Probe style sampling valve designed for high pressure low viscosity oil sampling.


KP-Series Sample Valve

Pushbutton valve for pressurized oil and coolant system applications.


KST-Series Sample Valve

Uses a 2mm probe that is compatible with SOS, Probalizer, and Quick Draw valves.

Splash-lubricating gearboxes, reservoirs

  • A drain port can be used by inserting a sampling valve with attached pitot tube that’s positioned away from the sludge at the bottom
  • A breather port is also an option for pitot tube installation
  • Valves for low or non-pressurized applications: M-Series, L-Series
Sample Pump 38U


Comes complete with a 38mm suction pump, heat resistant tubing and a flush jars.


L-Series Sample Valve

Low or no pressure, high viscosity sampling (splash lubricated equipment / reservoirs).


M-Series Sample Valve

Popular Euro-Probe style sampling valve with metric 16×2 probe thread.


QR Information Tags

Metal tag for spot identification of oil sampling points or component task locations.

Grease Sampling Kit

Grease Sampling Kit

Kit includes sampling options with slitted coring tube or coring spatula.

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Sampling Procedures

The key to a successful oil analysis program is to first establish the ‘normal’ baseline for a given asset.  Every asset may have its own unique conditions for maintenance and operations, and determining its typical levels of contamination and wear help identify when those levels become abnormal.

Consistent sampling at regular intervals, utilizing a repeatable procedure, will reduce the noise within the data to make it easier to spot any deviations from normal results, providing the earliest, and proper, notification of necessary action.


Oil Sampling Using a Drain Plug/Pipe
This is the sampling procedure for oil sumps/reservoirs, without fixed sampling hardware installed where dipstick or fill-cap access is unavailable. The oil sample is collected by gravity drain into a sample jar.


Oil Sampling Using A Pushbutton or KST-Series Valve
Learn how to properly take oil samples from components installed with a pushbutton valve or KST-Series valve.


Oil Sampling Using a Sample Valve
This is the sampling procedure for a pressurized fluid applications equipped with a “Thread-on Probe” style sample valve ( i.e. Fluid Life B-Series Sample Valve). Also for non-pressurized fluid applications using the M-Series Sample Valve.


Oil Sampling Using a Sample Pump
This is the sampling procedure using the Fluid Life 38U Sample Pump. This procedure can be used for oil sumps/reservoirs, where dipstick, fill-cap, or other access is available.

Coolant Sampling Using a Pushbutton Valve or KST-Series Value
This is the sampling procedure for the coolant component, which is installed with a pushbutton valve or a KST-Series valve.


Coolant Sampling Using a Sample Pump
This is the sampling procedure using Fluid Life 38U Sample Pump. The pump kit comes complete with a 38mm suction pump, some heat resistant tubing and a flush jar. This procedure can be used for coolant systems without fixed sampling hardware installed where radiator or pressure cap access is available.