Take control of your oil analysis program

Fluid Life’s ultimate goal is to unlock the full potential of your oil analysis program and to ensure its success well into the future.

Our Condition Assessment and Reliability Evaluation (CARE) Programs provide ongoing, sustainable solutions that put you in control.

Our CARE Programs create sustainable improvements using a disciplined and proven methodology for delivering value from oil analysis. Depending upon the program level (Basic, Intermediate or Advanced) and options selected, Fluid Life will clearly communicate recommendations for corrective action based on prioritized alerts.

Since decisions regarding corrective action involves collaboration between both parties, we ensure your program stays on track via emails, phone calls or meetings and monthly program updates, where we will discuss program metrics, past performance, and opportunities for improvement.

With established and disciplined processes, cutting edge software tools and the talents and expertise of our reliability services team, you get excellent financial returns and a higher level of reliability. Through analysis of in-service fluids, we define actions based on your equipment needs with the following benefits:

  • Timely assessment of your equipment condition
  • Prevention of failures
  • Optimization of lubricants and their consumption
  • Extension of useful economic life of your equipment

Program features:

  • Oil analysis interpretation delivered by Fluid Life experts
  • Utilization of component-specific troubleshooting guides
  • Collaborative decision-support for corrective actions
  • Tracking work order creation and completion
  • Closing the loop on problem conditions


When Sunhills Mining in Edmonton, Alberta, needed to make measurable, sustainable improvements to its fleet reliability—and capture a strong positive ROI—it found a comprehensive answer with Condition Assessment and Reliability Evaluation (CARE) services from Fluid Life. Check out how Sunhills reduced its downtime and extended equipment service life with help from Fluid Life. Watch the video!

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