Take control of your oil analysis program

Fluid Life’s CARE Program turns your fluid analysis data in to actionable maintenance information.

Understanding your oil analysis results and determining what to do about it, is key to a successful Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) program.

There are three key areas where challenges can occur and impact on program success:



Do you lack experienced staff on-site?
Do budgetary constraints stop you from hiring full-time dedicated resources?
Or do you have maintenance staff tasked with oil analysis interpretation, but they don’t have the time or training to perform these duties?
Have you trained employees only to have these skills lost to employee mobility and turnover?

Skillset is all about having the right people doing the right things in order to get the maximum benefit from oil analysis results.



Is equipment maintenance a major cost center?
Are you spending more time reacting to failures than on planning downtime?
Are you not not seeing benefits from oil analysis results?

Effective Condition Based Monitoring programs are all about being proactive. Success requires a solution oriented, continuous improvement Mindset across everyone involved in your maintenance and reliability programs.



Do you have documented condition monitoring processes in place?
Do you have multiple sites to monitor without adequate support?
Are you receiving status reports and analyses that provide the information you need for maintenance decisions?
Do you use multiple spreadsheets or disconnected data streams to manage your program?

With the right Toolset, standardized processes and accurate, consistent data can be used to provide accurate reporting and improved predictive maintenance.

Get the most out of your Oil Analysis Program

CARE (Condition Assessment and Reliability Evaluation)

Through our CARE Program, Fluid Life can interpret your oil analysis, deliver equipment alerts and provide proactive corrective actions to extend component life and meet or exceed benchmark hours.

CARE provides you with a structured approach for maximizing the benefits that can be captured from oil analysis as a predictive maintenance technology. The program highlights which oil analysis results are the most critical by distributing reliability alerts to your planning and maintenance teams, guidance on corrective actions, providing reminders as to what is yet to be done, and capturing the value of those corrective actions that have been completed.

Program features:

  • Comprehensive data quality analysis and program setup
  • Continuous monitoring of oil sample results for actionable issues
  • Prioritized alerts with detailed recommendations on problem oil analysis results
  • Collaborative decision-support for corrective actions
  • Work order creation and completion tracking
  • Proactive follow-up on problem conditions

As with many types of improvement initiatives, participation in CARE can take many shapes, and what you get out of the program is closely correlated with how much effort is expended. Fluid Life tailors its CARE Program based on your maintenance and reliability practices and ongoing feedback. With CARE, you can expect:

  • Better reliability of assets
  • Improved productivity
  • Longer component life
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Lower cost of operation

Bottom line, with CARE you get the benefits of a sustainable and controlled Oil Analysis program. CARE will help you establish a solid return on your oil analysis investment, ensuring you are maximizing your results while minimizing your maintenance budget.


When Sunhills Mining in Edmonton, Alberta, needed to make measurable, sustainable improvements to its fleet reliability—and capture a strong positive ROI—it found a comprehensive answer with Condition Assessment and Reliability Evaluation (CARE) services from Fluid Life. Check out how Sunhills reduced its downtime and extended equipment service life with help from Fluid Life. Watch the video!

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