Delivering ROI

After more than 30 years in business, Fluid Life has achieved a reputation for delivering gold-standard fluid analysis and reliability solutions accurately and on time. With its team of highly qualified, trained reliability and lubrication specialists, Fluid Life is the only company of its kind to combine state-of-the art oil analysis with reliability expertise and solutions.

The following success stories provide insight into Fluid Life’s tried and tested approach to providing real results for our clients.

Early Detection of Wear Metals in Gearbox

Oil analysis discovers wear metal in wheel motor gearbox. Early detection prevented major repair costs and lost productivity.

Fuel Dilution of Engine Oil in Mining Dozer

Fuel Injector failures detected by routine Fluid Sampling and Analysis on a large mining dozer.

Coolant Contamination in Dozer Engine Oil

Early component failure detected during routine oil sampling and analysis on a dozer engine in a mining application.

9% Production Increase with CARE Services

The client experienced a $271K annual cost savings on lubricants which also helped to reduce the mines environmental footprint.

$1.4M Savings with CARE Reliability Services

Over the life of the program, Fluid Life estimates that our client has saved approximately $1.4 million (569% ROI).

Mining and Construction Company Saves $15M

Over the life of the program, Fluid Life conservatively estimates that our client has saved approximately $15 million.

$238,000 Saved in Three Months

By implementing Fluid Life’s CARE program, the client created a sustainable and controlled oil analysis program.

Sunhills Mining Reduces Downtime with CARE

Sunhills Mining needed to make improvements to it’s fleet reliability and found an answer with CARE Services from Fluid Life.


CARE Reliability Services trial leads to significant payoff
Coal mining company saves more than $1.5M in first 8 months with CARE
Underground mine saves $1.5M in first 6 months with CARE