Your privacy is important to us.

Fluid Life is committed to maintaining the privacy, security and accuracy of the personal information we collect, use and disclose in accordance with applicable legislation. This privacy policy is a statement of principles and guidelines concerning the protection of personal information of our individual clients, individual service providers and other individuals

What personal information do we collect?

Canadian and US privacy legislation defines personal information broadly as information about “an identifiable individual” or as information that allows an individual to be identified.

The types of personal information that we may collect from you  include: your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, your forwarding address, payment information (for billing purposes), delivery instructions, component descriptions, serial and unit numbers, and individual customer service preferences (such as “company client information”).

Where is your personal information stored?

Fluid Life has policies and procedures to ensure the protection of its customers’ confidential information and proprietary rights, including procedures for protecting the electronic storage and transmission of results.

Management Requirements

It is acknowledged by Fluid Life employee’s that they may be exposed to confidential information and is also acknowledged that maintenance of confidentiality in respect to confidential information is essential to Fluid Life including third parties. All Fluid Life employee’s shall not use or disclose, nor assist others in using or disclosing and confidential information at any time during their employee term or forever thereafter unless such confidential information has become a part of public domain through no fault of the employee.

All employees are supplied with a main domain password and log in. These passwords are supplied to only access the information that is required to perform their specific job duties.

Data Protection

To maintain Fluid Life’s  ISO 17025 accreditation, our Quality System mandates the execution of a written procedure for maintaining, protecting and updating customer records and data. Therefore, customer account information maintained within Fluid Life’s, Fluid Analysis Management System (hereafter referred to as myLab and WinRoast®) is protected by anti-virus software that is installed on all servers, workstations and personal computers within the Fluid Life domain.

This software performs hourly downloads to assure current file definitions are in place for virus and worm protection. Fluid Life servers and routers contain firewalls that ensure protection of the data and records area of these systems. These firewalls are accessible through username and domain name passwords. Servers storing critical files are checked for viruses and backed up every night.

Data Security

LabManager files are backed up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. This information is saved indefinitely in our system’s back-up records. Electronic files saved on the server are also backed up in the same manner as LabManager files. Individual instrument information is saved on the respective instrument “C” drive and relevant files are backed up to the main server on a weekly basis.

All electronic data and records are stored in as confidential a manner as possible. The LabManager system utilizes a password login and changes to customer data and information are tracked.

Fluid Life’s customers own their fluid analysis data that they paid for, but we reserve the right to use the data in aggregate form.

Hard copy documents and records which include customer orders, warehouse records, sample cards, instrument printouts and worksheets are stored with as much confidence as possible. They are stored for up to one year.


Fluid Life is an independent laboratory and in doing such we adhere to demonstrating impartial judgment with no influence pressures from any undue commercial, financial or any other pressures that may influence our technical judgment.

Fluid Life adheres to the guidelines and procedures outlined by our 17025 accreditation standards.

Fluid Life employs managerial and technical personnel who have the authority and resources needed to carry out their duties, including implementation, maintenance and improvement of the quality management system, and to identify the occurrence of departures from the quality management system, or from the procedures for performing tests and/or calibrations, and to initiate actions to prevent or minimize such departures.

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