We’ve earned a reputation for delivering reliability solutions — fluid analysis, condition monitoring, and support services — accurately and on-time and have long-established partnerships with customers in the mining, construction, industrial plant, oil and gas, wind energy and transportation industries.

Fluid Life has the tools and the expertise to assist you on your journey to optimized maintenance. With the desire for improved reliability and availability, customers partner with us to achieve best in class performance. Together, we will have an impact on your business, and will demonstrate measured success through key performance indicators.

Our goal is to provide you with the reliability solutions you need, resulting in outstanding value and risk mitigation.

Here’s how Fluid Life can help

Whether you’re just getting started planning your asset reliability strategy or simply searching for better analytical tools, Fluid Life has a solution for you. Managed by a team of experts, we can help you as you journey down the path to improved reliability.

Roadmap to Reliability

Build the foundation

A successful lubrication program starts off with a strong foundation. You need to know where you are in order to get where you need to be.  A good first step is to conduct an Oil Analysis Assessment, part of the Benchmarking and Audits phase of our Reliability Roadmap.

In an Oil Analysis Assessment, a Fluid Life Reliability Specialist will review your lubrication program, equipment to be tested and operating conditions. We will assess your overall lubrication processes, identify organizational-level gaps, and work with you to build a framework for a new program to proactively protect your assets.

Reliability Roadmap

Benchmarking and Audits

For an oil program to be successful it’s essential to have a strong foundational knowledge of how well your equipment and processes are working. Understanding where there are gaps in functionality is an important first step toward creating a plan for improvement. Fluid Life leverages a team of reliability experts to identify and document gaps within your lubrication process. Our reliability specialists will conduct a thorough inspection of your oil and greasing programs, equipment, and operating conditions. From your supplied data, we will identify what the most common problems are and where they occur. Your oil analysis performance will be compared against industry peers, so that you can identify which problems are found industry-wide and which are specific to your operation.

Optimization and Improvement

Once your overall lubrication processes have been assessed, we then build a framework for your oil analysis program. Our reliability team will provide assistance defining and mapping out the necessary steps to prioritize, execute and manage all aspects of lubrication and oil analysis. We can provide training to help your employees enhance their skills and take your reliability program to a higher level. Fluid Life also offers a systematic approach for optimizing the flagging thresholds used on your oil samples allowing you to benchmark and validate the relevance of current flagging limits and modify them as desired. Finally, we’ll set you up on myLab so you can monitor your fluid analysis program online and integrate with your work orders and maintenance programs.

Advanced Analysis

Fluid Life’s ultimate goal is to unlock the full potential of your oil analysis program. Through a variety of advanced analysis projects, we can support program optimization, dive deep into critical issues to your organization, and ensure program success well into the future.

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Put the right testing in place

Oil analysis is a proven technique for monitoring and maintaining the reliability of mobile fleet assets. Engines, transmissions, hydraulics and drivetrain components are all prone to contamination or oil-related failure modes which may have a significant effect on your bottom line.

Based on the results of the Assessment, we’ll help you select the analysis test package that gives you the information you’re looking for while staying within your budget. Fluid Life offers a series of standard test packages, along with a myriad of individual test options.

Plus, we’ll get you set up on myLab™, our cloud based application that integrates your equipment information, oil analysis data, sensor data, and lubrication and maintenance tasks into a single user friendly management system.

Telematics and Sensors

Connect your assets

Sensors cannot fully replace laboratory analysis results, but they can provide the necessary insight to make preventive maintenance decisions before significant damage occurs. Install oil condition monitoring sensors onto your most critical assets such as hydraulic systems, compressors, turbines, or engines.

Fluid Life Telematics Modules can then log and transmit oil sensor data from your machine components to our myLab™ web application where sensor data is integrated with CMMS and oil sample data.

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Unlock the full potential

Reliability Specialists interpret results from the combined data streams – oil samples, oil sensors, and operational parameters – to deliver actionable maintenance recommendations for your maintenance team.

Our CARE Programs offer sustainable solutions that deliver excellent financial returns. Check out this brief video case study to see how our client reduced downtime and extended equipment service life with help from Fluid Life.

Training Opportunities

Empower Your Employees

Want to transform your reliability program to new heights by empowering your employees through skills enhancement? Fluid Life offers a variety of training options to support your teams.

Private training is available in-class or via webinar and offers you an opportunity to customize the course material to meet your company’s certification training objectives in a flexible schedule.

We also offer free online learning webinars on a regular basis. Check the webinar schedule regularly for new sessions being added.

For on-demand myLab support, video tutorial guides are available.

Take the next step

Protect your assets

We’re a company that’s All Ways Reliable. From analysis and evaluation to planning and strategy, Fluid Life has the expertise to help you achieve a higher level of reliability and can provide customized solutions to support your reliability strategies.

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