September 17, 2020


by IT Support in Fluid Insights, myLab Updates

myLab Mobile App Version 3.3 has been released on Apple and Google Play app stores. The new features of Version 3.3 focus on equipment assignment and sample registration.

Users will now be able to:

  1. Assign a Vehicle Identification number (VIN) or Product Identification Number (PIN) to a unit/component. 
  2. Transfer a unit from one branch to another during sample setup (only available to 3rd party Branch/Regional users).
  3. Add customer tracking # and notes during sample setup.

Assign VIN/PIN to Equipment

When setting up components, you now can assign a VIN/PIN number using your mobile phone by scanning a VIN/PIN plate like this one:

Example VIN/PIN Plate

Access your myLab App and select More in the bottom menu and then Assign Equipment Tag. Click the green Scan VIN/PIN button to open your phone camera to scan the VIN/PIN plate. Once the barcode is scanned you can assign it to the corresponding equipment. NOTE: ensure you scan the correct VIN/PIN for the asset as multiple VIN/PINs can often be found on equipment.

You can use this feature to scan the VIN/PIN when looking up equipment for sample set up. Additionally, this feature works in offline mode. Once online, the changes will synchronize to the server.

See how easy it is to scan a VIN/PIN, assign to equipment and register samples in this video:

Transfer a unit to your branch

(For 3rd party Branch/Regional users)

Branch and Regional users in a 3rd party program can now transfer a unit from one branch to another during sample setup in the app.

On synchronization, the app now shows you all units available to all branches during search. Once you select a unit that is not associated with your branch, you will be prompted to change it.

Clicking on Yes will assign your branch to the unit. If you are a Regional user and have more than one branch, a secondary prompt will ask you which branch you would like to transfer it to.

This feature also works offline. Once online, the changes will synchronize to the server.

Customer Tracking # and Note fields during Sample Setup

You can now fill in the Customer Tracking # and Note fields while setting up a sample on the app:

Should you have any questions regarding the updates to the myLab mobile app, contact your Fluid Life representative or Customer Care for support.