• New for 2014

    This 2-day course is aimed at shop or plant personnel involved in handling lubricants
    & taking samples such as millwrights, mechanics, operators, tradesmen, lube techs,
    & maintenance clerks.

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  • Industry Tailored Oil Testing

    While it is common to all industries that availability and reliability are paramount, by engaging our industry tailored test packages, Fluid Life can help you achieve top results in your unique situation.

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  • Reduce your operating costs & improve your bottom line

    A quality Oil Analysis program greatly increases odds of early failure detection, leading to extended equipment life and substantial cost savings.

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  • Contamination Control
    & Oil Life Extension

    ▪ Reduced oil and filter consumption
    ▪ Reduced carbon footprint
    ▪ Less downtime to change oil

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More Than Just Oil Analysis

Fluid Life is your reliability solutions partner

Are you satisfied with your maintenance results?

Find out how we assist our customers in achieving maximum profitability and competitive advantage.

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Registration for 2014 seminars is now open.

Continually improving practices for maintenance professionals in all areas of industry.

Courses & Locations

Condition Assessment & Reliability Evaluations

Reliability Solutions: Efficient equipment reliability programs that are tailored to your needs.

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