Now you can! Monitor what’s happening with your mobile assets every minute of the day with Unified Condition Monitoring (UCM).

UCM gives you a single view of overall machine health status by combining multiple sensor technologies, like telemetry, vibration, oil condition and operational data, with lab analyzed data all in one system.

Gone are the days trying to combine huge quantities of machinery operational and health data from separate telematics and oil analysis systems. Within Fluid Life’s myLab application, geo-spatial position, operating mode and direction of travel data is gathered and correlated with other tracked parameters such as crankcase pressure, engine temperature, oil condition sensor data and laboratory test results.

Take your condition monitoring to the next level

Over time, the system learns what is “normal” for all tracked parameters. It then correlates the data enabling you to monitor a single machine asset or make fleet comparisons. All telematics and oil analysis data are available in one unified display and the system will automatically calculate and send out email alerts for abnormal conditions.

Plus, separate applications aren’t required for Production and Fleet Operations. You get unlocked access to raw telemetry and sensor data such as asset location, utilization, route management and more. Download an overview of the available program elements.

UCM myLab view

How does it work?

A Fluid Life telematics module is installed on each asset to extract sensor data and upload it to Fluid Life’s myLab cloud. The module can read data from existing OEM sensors, plus additional sensors can be added to monitor:

  • Fluid properties
  • Wear debris
  • Oil quality and water contamination
  • Oil cleanliness
  • Temperature and pressure

Consider the benefits

Bottom line, UCM delivers reduced maintenance costs, maximizes performance, and improves machine reliability.

  • Detection of machine fault conditions and real-time data on critical oil properties.
  • Integrated machine health reports providing a more balanced, comprehensive and useful assessment.
  • Better alignment of your condition monitoring program with failure modes and machine criticality.
  • Unmatched financial gains in key operational areas: Reliability, Production and Fleet Operations.
  • Low infrastructure costs (no expensive mesh or satellite communications required).
  • Universal application for any brand of equipment.
  • Full customer access to all raw telemetry data.

Get a higher level of reliability

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